About Us

Echo Canyon Equine Foundation is a privately run 501(c)3 organization based in the north Phoenix area of Arizona. Our priority is to provide emergency, critical and hospice care for animals who would otherwise suffer inhumane treatment or euthanasia. We rescue horses from livestock auctions, local trainers, horse dealers, and assists in local neglect cases when resources permit. We also work with local, high-kill county animal shelters’ staff and volunteers to provide hospice and humane end of life care for senior and terminally ill canines and felines.

The goal at Echo Canyon Equine Foundation is to provide a safe haven for animals to recover, rehabilitate, re-train and ultimately re-home in a compassionate, caring, permanent adoptive environment or sanctuary. We are dedicated to stopping the pain and suffering of animals, as a result of inhumane treatment or lack of proper care. Our board members and officers are solely volunteer positions. Our rescued animals are currently cared for at one primary location, a peaceful, private family ranch located in the north Phoenix area. We do have the ability to relocate permanent sanctuary and hospice cases to Montana and Southern Arizona.

Thank you for visiting our Echo Canyon Equine Foundation website. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to know more about the horses we have available, please contact us, or visit our Facebook page.